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Commissioned by: Biennale Gelderland

Concept Development: Rudolf Romero 

Technical Director: Doeke Wartena 

Artist: Lobke Burgers


Art + Tech | 2017

In this project titled DUALISM 1 (2016), artist Lobke Burgers and Rudolf Romero collaborated for the first time to create a sculpture as a result of collected EEG data. The information collected represented the  brain activity of Burgers (Burgers suffered from a TIA in the talamus area of the brain in 2014).


As any activity of the human brain can be different depending on the state of mind of the person in that particular moment, both artist have decided on a certain so called ‘stimulus event’ during the EEG recording. This particular event was a Q&A situation, during which, Romero posed questions to Burgers, concerning her brain injury in 2014. By doing so, the EEG data was a reflection of Burgers’ state of mind and a testimony to the sequence of events as they occurred the day of her injury. 

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